What is The Mo? 

The Mo, named after our neighbor, the mighty Missouri River, is a co-working and entrepreneurial space where members work, connect, and grow both their businesses and their personal skills, network and resources. It is also a great place to hold small community events, trainings, and meetings.


Who can occupy the mo?



Separate work life from personal and home life by working from The Mo. Make connections and be part of The Mo community.

Employees & Employers

Retain your employees by giving them an option to work remotely. Take advantage of discounted trainings and use our conference room.


Invest in your business and take advantage of trainings. Make connections with other members and build your network of resources.

All Professionals

Be part of The Mo community, support entrepreneurialism, and have a comfortable place to work on personal or professional projects.

Behind The Mo

The Mo (previously known as The Sandbox) is backed by Onward Yankton, a a non-profit community enhancement group who focuses on fostering entrepreneurship, education, and revitalization of Yankton’s Meridian District, and a group of community managers who are passionate about having a shared workspace and an entrepreneurial resource hub in Yankton. We firmly believe co-working spaces and multi-use spaces help drive economic development, community and relationships, and we’re proud of the one we’ve built right here in Yankton, SD.